The car cannot be used without a starter or generator. Repairing the starter and generator ensures that they are in good working order and that your car can move. Repairs to the starter and generator in Tallinn

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Starter and generator repair service

A starter is a unit which allows you to start your car, whereas the generator converts mechanical energy into a current, supplying power to all systems and charging the battery. Failures in the starter and generator can render the car completely inoperable.

How does one go about preventing the failure of the starter and generator?

When is it necessary to repair the starter?

  • When turning the key, the starter does not rotate or rotates slowly
  • The starter rotates, but the engine does not start
  • The starter does not turn off after starting the engine
  • The starter is running noisily.

When should the generator be repaired?

  • The battery is quickly being depleted
  • The power of the headlights and the signal volume have decreased
  • The battery charging indicator lights up while the engine is running
  • The generator is running noisily.

At Autosõber, we can repair and replace both the starter and the generator.
Do not forget that problems can be caused by the battery, wiring, or fasteners. That is why our experts carry out a thorough inspection and diagnostics service which allows you to accurately determine the source of any issue.

Contact us in advance, and we will promptly resolve any problems with your car.

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Your car needs quality service!

Autosõber car service offers all types of car maintenance with a guarantee for the work done. Bring your car to us!
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