Unfortunately, many car owners neglect the appearance of their vehicles. However, the body is the “face” of your car and needs to be maintained. This is where the car painting work would help you. Mechanical and chemical effects on the bodywork are unavoidable. Even with the most careful operation, pebbles and various reagents will damage the paintwork. When you neglect body restoration the metal parts will begin to corrode. In such cases, you will need to have parts of the bodywork repainted.

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What should I do to keep the car’s body in good condition?

  • Avoid mechanical damage while driving
  • Carry out regular maintenance on the bodywork
  • Inspect the car for cracks and chips
  • Regularly visit the car service centre

When should I contact the car service centre?

  • If you find chips in the paintwork
  • In the case of mechanical damage being suffered by the vehicle in question
  • Once a year for a body inspection
  • When buying a used car

Before the start of any repainting work, Autosõber’s specialists will inspect the paintwork to determine its thickness and the places which need to be repainted.

What kind of work do we offer?

Contact us to inspect the condition of your car’s bodywork!

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Your car needs quality service!

Autosõber car service offers all types of car maintenance with a guarantee for the work done. Bring your car to us!
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