Insurance claims and damage assessment of the losses. If an insured event actually occurs, you can contact us for help!

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Why choose our damage assessment?

We assist in resolving issues around damaged car parts, and in a timely and convenient manner

The client’s right to choose a car service for insurance repairs means the following:

  • The insurer must reimburse any reasonable expenses which are incurred prior to the occurrence of an insurance claim being submitted, such as towing
  • The policyholder has the right to choose the entity which will carry out any repair work, and the insurance company should assist the policyholder in arranging the restorative repair of the vehicle in question if necessary and if possible.

What should I do in the event of a traffic accident?

  • Always keep an accident report form in the car
  • In the case of an insurable event taking place, the policyholder should make every effort to prevent and limit any further damage
  • If there was a second person involved in the accident, try to locate them
  • Subsequent to a road traffic accident, the driver of the car must not leave the scene
  • Following a road traffic accident, the driver of the car should not consume alcohol or other narcotic or psychotropic substances
  • Turn on the hazard lights and make sure that everyone who was involved in the accident is safe
  • If there are no victims involved and all parties to the accident have reached an agreement on the cause of the accident, then the situation should be fully documented in writing, along with illustrations or photos, ensuring that all of the required details are supplied, and then signing the accident report form
  • If you can drive safely, you should leave the scene of the accident as soon as possible after it is permissible to do so
  • If you are unable to drive safely due to the state of your vehicle, call a towing vehicle to transport your car to a car service centre

In which cases should I contact the emergency services on 112?

  • If there are any victims in the accident who require emergency treatment and you are unable to provide first aid yourself
  • If the participants in the accident cannot agree on the circumstances
  • If the owner of any damaged property is not known
  • If the culprit has fled the scene
  • If the cause of the incident in question was a hit-and-run which involved an animal

Autosõber is ready to help with communicating with insurance companies and repairing all damage!

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Your car needs quality service!

Autosõber car service offers all types of car maintenance with a guarantee for the work done. Bring your car to us!
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