Ceramic coating is a ceramic protective treatment is a form of technology which creates a stable protective layer on the surface of the paint. Such maintenance has a preventive effect for new cars, preserving the feel of a new car and ensuring a higher market value is retained for as long as possible.

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Ceramic coating from Autosõber

After applying a ceramic coating, the car’s body gains a deep, bright colour and a rich shine which will certainly please the eye. Furthermore, the surface of the paintwork acquires hydrophobic properties, resulting in less dirt accumulation and less frequent washing of the vehicle.

It is especially important that, following the application of ceramics, the coating provides reliable protection to the body from micro-scratches, bird droppings, and other organic matter. Also, the car is less easily damaged by snow, ice fragments and, of course, chemical road reagents and salt, which cause corrosion in nonferrous metals and decorative elements, which is particularly important in Estonia.

High-quality car care can significantly extend your car’s service life.

Why is it worth applying a ceramic coating?

  • Long-term protection
  • Reduces the chance of chipping
  • Protects the paint from burnout and retains its natural colour
  • Reduces paintwork contamination and makes cleaning easier
  • Reduces the risk of paintwork damage in car washing services which use low-quality chemistry and unqualified cleaning specialists
  • Enhances the gloss, depth, and saturation of the paintwork
  • Reduces the possibility of corrosion formation and growth
  • Durability: lasts for fifty contact washes, 20,000 kilometres, or 12-18 month

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