Remondi ja hoolduse ajaks asendusauto - Autosõber
Remondi ja hoolduse ajaks asendusauto - Autosõber


This modern car service in Tallinn offers high-quality car care and wash services, as well as car repairs and all types of car maintenance work, complete with warranty. During the repair we will provide a replacement car for FREE!

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Car repairs service Autosõber

Modern high-quality car repair and car wash in Tallinn

The leading provider of high-quality car repair and car wash services in Tallinn. This is a modern, high-quality, and full-cycle car service centre in Tallinn, located close to the airport and the Ülemiste shopping centre in the Ülemiste City quarter.

The main area of activity when it comes to car servicing is car repairs and maintenance, which also covers commercial vehicles. Autosõber’s declared mission is to provide customers and business partners with all types of car-related services in one location, at reasonable prices, using modern equipment and tools, as well as high-quality consumables and car parts. In our customer database we store the complete history of each car’s repair and maintenance work, which allows us to track the need for another visit to our car service centre and to provide timely reminders about such visits.

We adhere to factory working standards by using the Autodata online system, which assists in correctly calculating the cost of repairs and adhering to stated repair deadlines. Plus we provide a warranty for all of our services.

Our clients

Auto repair and others car service at favorable prices!

Basic services

3D wheel alignment

On-board diagnostics

Tyre servicing and storage

Oil change and maintenance

Suspension inspection and repair

Car wash

Car repairs and other car services at affordable prices!

We are the best among our equals

Affordable prices

We work with all car part warehouses in Estonia, allowing us to find the best price for high-quality comparable spare parts rather than original ones.

We also provide a discount system for loyal customers and established partners. While repairs are ongoing we will provide a free replacement car, which saves you both time and money.

Warranty for all services

Our company takes care of its customers, always promptly repairing any problem and taking care of your vehicle in any warranty-related cases.

Archiving and recording the work

Thanks to modern software, records can be kept for each customer to cover any work which has been carried out on their vehicles, which in turn allows us to service any customer’s car on time. Such records make it possible to avoid unexpected or costly repairs.

You can also request the complete repair and maintenance report for the entire period if you are going to sell your vehicle, with such details being important for the next owner.

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Autosõber facts and figures

When searching for a car service centre in Tallinn, you’ll look for companies which have advanced equipment and qualified specialists in place, and which can carry out the full range of diagnostic and repair work on various car components.

8 Lifting platforms

for car repairs

5 Units

car wash and a detailing studio

17 Years

in the car repair and maintenance market

16 Person

our qualified specialists

1300 m2

of floor space in our car centre

Our car repair shop is located in a convenient location. We use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to provide an efficient and timely service.