Filters, despite their small size, are critical components upon which your car depends in order to be able to ensure normal operations. Timely replacement of the filters ensures a fault-free ride. Every Car needs filter replacement on time!

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Replacing car filters – Autosõber OÜ

What are the different types of filters and what are they used for?

  1. Fuel filter – cleans fuel of any foreign particles
  2. Air filter – protects the engine from dust and dirt
  3. Cabin filter – keeps clean the air inside the car
  4. Oil filter – cleans the engine oil
  5. Particulate filter – cleans the engine oil

How often do I need to change the filters?

The frequency of filter replacement is specified in your car’s manual. During active operations, any replacement should be carried out more frequently.
Special attention should be paid to the fuel filter because, if it becomes completely clogged, you will need to replace the gas pump or clean the engine in the future.

When is it necessary to change the fuel filter?

  • The engine is ‘twitching’
  • The car’s power output has declined
  • The engine’s rpm tends to ‘float’
  • Fuel consumption has increased.

At Autosõber you can check and change all types of filters.

Why should I change the oil during a car service?

Contact us and we will change the oil in your car within the hour!

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Your car needs quality service!

Autosõber car service offers all types of car maintenance with a guarantee for the work done. Bring your car to us!
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