The first thing you can do to keep your car in perfect condition is to regularly change the oil in the engine.

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Oil change service

An oil change is a simple procedure which does not require much expenditure or time. Autosõber’s experts will changed the oil quickly and with a highly professional approach.

There are two types of oils which are used in any car:

  1. Engine system oil
  2. Transmission oil

In both cases, it serves the same purpose: it protects parts from corrosion, contamination, friction, and wear. It also reduces energy costs for resistance and serves as a cooling agent for the engine.

How often should the engine oils be changed?

  • Engine oil must be changed every 6,000-15,000 kilometres (depending on the operation conditions and specifications of the car)
  • Transmission oil should be changed every 40,000-60,000 kilometres
  • Also, the oil is always changed when diagnosing or carrying out repairs on a car.

How does one prepare for an engine oils change?

  • Read the operating instructions for your car and also check the log book
  • Replace the oil system filter and rubber seals

Why should I change the oil during a car service?

Contact us, and we will change the oil in your car within an hour.

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Your car needs quality service!

Autosõber car service offers all types of car maintenance with a guarantee for the work done. Bring your car to us!
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